We believe there is opportunity to drive meaningful change in our workplaces by focusing on the good. Humans@Work is a Love Letter to work. We hope this series will provide insights into the conditions of what makes work meaningful through the lens of workers across the country. These stories will be the foundation for the Humans@Work documentary and training series - a national movement that uses documentary to drive awareness and change in workplace culture, diversity & inclusion, and human resource practices.

We started the series in St. Paul, thanks to the generous support of the St. Paul area Knight Foundation, but we hope to expand to more cities and that this site eventually becomes an archive of collected stories that span themes and areas of the country.

There are not enough good stories being told in the workplace. Good stories have the power to shift bias, counterbalance and inform our brains in positive ways.
— Denise Young Smith, former head of Diversity & Inclusion at Apple